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Bespoke dresses involve the process of creating a completely new design based on your unique requirements. A bespoke dress can be made within 2-3 months, but can take as long as 8 months if order comes in the season which is between January and June. We make and rush orders if its possible, just don't hesitate to be in touch with us and ask.

The bespoke dressmaking process normally involves multiple fitting sessions.

We normally starts with a consultation process, the designer will gather what you are looking for and make a dress sketch based on your description. Also he could help you to choose fabric for your dress. After that he will take your body measurements from which he will cuts your own personal paper pattern.

At this point the client make the order and pay 50% of the garment's price.

After the first fitting of the prototype of the dress we make all readjustments which we transfer to the clients own pattern. We cut a new pattern with the desirable design and sew the dress.

At the second fitting we see if there is need for additional readjustments. If there is we make them. Otherwise the dress is ready to take.

The client receives his dress packed in a breathable bag with explanation of cleaning.

If you decide to order second garment as we have your pattern the bespoke process for your second dress will be much quicker.

For permanent clients we give 10% discount for next purchase.

You could make appointments in advance by phone 040 826 9905 or by e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You could also order wedding and bridal accessories from our online shop  https://holvi.com/shop/HAAPUOTI/


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